Monday, February 1, 2010

Movie of the Week - Die Hard

This week’s movie is Die Hard (1988).

The film is about NYC cop John McClane who is in LA to visit his ex-wife when the high-rise office building in which she works is overrun by terrorists. Ill-equipped and unprepared, McClane must survive, stop the terrorists and save his ex-wife using guerrilla tactics. The film is directed by 80s/90s action-director John McTiernan (Predator and The Hunt for Red October), and is the middle film of his best work trilogy (between the two list above). The film stars Bruce Willis as McClane and Alan Rickman as terrorist leader Hans Gruber. What makes the film great is the combination of Willis’ charisma, Rickman’s perfect villain and McTiernan’s great action set ups. There are also a number of smaller roles that work quite well in adding comedy to the film (notably William Atherton). Die Hard is probably the best action film of its decade and one that still holds up and surpasses almost every one of its genre made today, as McTiernan is masterfully able to blend drama and comedy into a flat out action for the sake of action film. Check out the trailer.

Die Hard (Blu-ray/DVD)

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