Monday, August 16, 2010

Movie of the Week - The Beat That My Heart Skipped

This week’s movie of the week is The Beat That My Heart Skipped (2005).

The film is about a shady real estate businessman in Paris who is at a crossroads: does he want to continue to make good money in the rough trade that he is currently in or completely change his life and follow his dream of being a concert pianist. The film is directed by the master French auteur Jacques Audiard (who also did the recent critical success: A Prophet), and it stars (my second favorite French actor) Romain Duris – who delivers a fantastic performance. It also features good supporting work from the wonderful Melanie Laurent and Niels Arestrup. The production crew for the film is made up of skilled craftsmen including the very talented cinematographer Stephane Fontaine, whose work with Audiard is phenomenally and artistically interesting, production designer Francois Emmanuelli, who perfectly captures Paris’s underbelly, and (as usually) a great score from Alexandre Desplat (the hardest working man in show business). What makes the film great is Audiard’s directorial skill and the way he uses his camera to focus and guide the viewer through the specific emotional journey that he wants the viewer to embark on, and Duris is again excellent. This is a must see for fans of French cinema and dramas. Check out the trailer.

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