Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Movie of the Week - CQ

This week’s movie is CQ (2001).

The comedy is about Paul, an American living in Paris making a black & white film about truth, trying to find meaning in his life. To pay the bills, he is also working as an editor on a B-movie sci-fi film. When the director of the sci-fi film is fired, Paul is asked to finish the film and find its ending. The film’s star, the beautiful Valentine, entrances him and his film about truth is skewed and his life in upheaval. While director Roman Coppola has done music videos, documentaries and second unit on many films, CQ is his only feature to date. He brings a lot of style and quirkiness to the film (which is probably why he works well with his sister Sophia Coppola and Wes Anderson). Cinematographer Robert D. Yeoman is the perfect fit for the film and his camera superbly captures the essence, tone and atmosphere of the differing situations and environments that Paul encounters on his journey of self-discovery. The work of production designer Dean Tavoularis (who worked on all his dad’s masterpieces) is fantastic as well. French pop group Mellow provides the score. The film has a good cast, many playing exaggerated characters – Giancarlo Giannini, Jason Schwartzman, Billy Zane, and Gerard Depardieu. There are also good performances by supporting members Elodie Bouchez and Dead Stockwell, and look out for Romain Duris’s funny cameo. Jeremy Davies is very good as the film’s protagonist, while Angela Lindvall (in what I thought would be a star-making turn when I first saw this in theaters) is beautiful and cinematically alluring. What makes the film great is its nostalgic feel and the late 60s early 70s style. This certainly is not a film for everyone (and I feel like filmmakers will find more to love about it, than the average filmgoer). It is aesthetically interesting and well worth a view for cinema fans. Check out the trailer.

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