Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wonderful Foreign Films: Part 2 – Movies Spotlight – April 2011

Country: UK
Director: Chris Morris
Plot Summary: Four friends living in England decide to become jihadists, only they are fairly clueless. Yet through sheer will and in the face of competing ideologies within the group, they are able to hatch a plan to suicide bomb a marathon happening in their town.
Why You Need to See It: How can a film about jihadists be a comedy, you may be asking? Well, Four Lions is presented with a biting wit, hysterically wonderful characters and dialog and fearless filmmaking. It is a farce, but Morris brilliantly keeps the tone grounded which by the end of the film makes the whole thing a little terrifying. There are not too many films quite like this one, making it an absolute must see. It is really funny, horrifying and utterly crazy (and genius). Check out the trailer.
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Country: France
Director: Pascal Chaumeil
Plot Summary: Alex (Duris) and his sister (Ferrier) run a business in which Alex is paid to breakup relationships. When the daughter (Paradis) of a rich man is to be married, they are hired to stop it, but the problem is they only have one week to do so.
Why You Need to See It: In the States, romantic comedies have become quite bad for the most part in recent years, which is really too bad as when they are good they are very entertaining and heartwarming. Director Chaumeil (making his feature debut; he has done a lot of French TV and second unit work for Luc Besson previously) has made a great Hollywood style rom-com but with French flare and beautiful locations. Star Duris also brings a wonderful charisma and charm to the film as well. If you like romantic comedies, this is the best one released in 2010. Check out the trailer.
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Film: Micmacs
Country: France
Plot Summary: Bazil (Boon) does not fit into society and is taken in by a group of oddities. Having suffered greatly indirectly at the hands of two weapons manufacturers, he sets out to bring them down with the help of his strange friends.
Why You Need to See It: Auteur director Jeunet has one of the most interesting and quirky styles, playing off the odd intricate details of people’s lives. This film takes it a step farther, as most of the main characters themselves are strange societal outcasts. But Jeunet treats them so endearingly, that the ‘normal’ people feel like they are the ones who are truly strange. The film is very funny and has a nice slapstick comedy feel to it. It is also aesthetically quite brilliant. Check out the trailer.
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