Wednesday, November 2, 2011

TV Series of the Month – The Young Ones

This month’s TV series is The Young Ones (1982, 1984).

The British comedy is about four college students who live together – a punk, a hippie, an anarchist, and a gigolo. It was created by Ben Elton, Rik Mayall and Lise Mayer, with additional writing from Alexei Sayle. The cast is a brilliant mix of comedians, coming from performing at the Comedy Store (now The Comedy Strip) in London. It stars Adrian Edmondson, Rik Mayall (who were college friends and perform together as 20th Century Coyote), Nigel Planer, Christopher Ryan, and Alexei Sayle. The series also features cameos from Robbie Coltrane, Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders, Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, and Emma Thompson. While being one of the funniest shows of all-time, The Young Ones has had a huge influence on the British sitcom. Even though it is about four male students living together, it still manages to create the family dynamic with the father, mother and two children. The show also features musical guests including Motorhead, Madness, The Damned, and more. It is a must-see for fans of comedy series, especially British comedy. It is probably my favorite comedy series. Check out the trailer.

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