Monday, January 30, 2012

Movie of the Week – Return of the Jedi

This week’s movie is Return of the Jedi (1983).

The third in the original Star Wars trilogy finds Luke, Leia and friends on Tatooine to rescue Han Solo, but there is a much bigger mission at hand – destroying a second Death Star and for Luke, personally, facing both his father and The Emperor. While George Lucas co-wrote the screenplay and executively produced the film, Richard Marquand directed it. John Williams returns to score the film. Production designer Norman Reynolds returns also, but cinematographer Alan Hume (he also shot a few James Bond films) joins the crew. The principal cast all returns as well, with the notable new additions being Ian McDiarmid as The Emperor and Warwick Davies as Wicket (his first film). The film is not as beloved as Star Wars or The Empire Strikes Back (mostly because of the Ewoks and the fact that they have to destroy another Death Star), but it is very entertaining and has a number of great moments (and is still far better than any in the new trilogy). Lucas’s special edition’s added effects and scenes are not too bad in this one (aside from the awful singing alien that serves no purpose). For fans of the trilogy this is (of course) a must as it is a necessary companion piece to The Empire Strikes Back. Check out the trailer.

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