Thursday, March 8, 2012

Chiddy Bang – Breakfast (2012) – Review

Chiddy Bang – Breakfast
Breakfast serves as Chiddy Bang’s first commercial LP, but they have put out three mixtapes and an EP. Chiddy Bang in general and on this album provides fun-loving poppy hip hop that is easy to listen to and has an electronic sound as well. Personally, my favorite of their releases is Air Swell (their second mixtape), but Breakfast comes off as a well-polished and easily consumable release. The two singles, Mind Your Manners and Ray Charles are both good tracks (but not great) and should garner new fans. Lyrically, Nigerian MC Chiddy has great wordplay but there is not too much depth (not that this type of music dictates it) – his lyrics are fun, much like the style of the group as a whole. Chiddy also has a great flow to his delivery. Producer Xaphoon Jones (the other half of the duo) has developed his sound and tries new things on this album, while still maintaining what make them pop originally with the song Opposite of Adults. He is one of the best young producers in hip hop. Chiddy Bang is not quite on the level of the top acts in hip hop, but they certainly have the potential. Breakfast is a good first album that is fun to listen to, and well worth checking out for fans of pop/alternative and electric influenced hip hop. 3/5

Editor’s Essential Tracks:
1)      Mind Your Manners – Produced by Xaphoon Jones, featuring Icona Pop
2)      Breakfast – Produced by Xaphoon Jones
3)      Out 2 Space – Produced by Xaphoon Jones, featuring Gordon Voidwell and Ellie Goulding
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