Monday, June 25, 2012

Movie of the Week – Days of Heaven

This week’s movie is Days of Heaven (1978).

The romance drama is about a transient laborer, Bill, and the woman he loves, Abby. Tired of always moving, he convinces Abby to marry a rich but dying farmer so that they can claim his fortune. Written and directed by Terrence Malick, the film is profound – Malick relying on images and mood to muster up feelings more so than a straight narrative. The film is beautifully shot by Nestor Almendros (probably among the 50 best shot films of all-time), photography mostly occurring during the ‘magic hour’, and features great production design from Jack Fisk. Ennio Morricone provides a fantastic, iconic and perfectly fitting score (here is a suite – there is a piece that always reminds me of the wonderful cinematography documentary Visions of Light). Richard Gere, Sam Shepard and Brooke Adams star and all give good performances. Like all of Malick’s work, the film is more of an experience for the viewer to behold and be immersed in than a story to follow. From a historic standpoint, the film does a good job portraying the drama and hardship of Great Depression-era life for many Americans. It is a must-see for both fans of Malick and moody visual experiences. Check out the trailer.

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