Monday, July 2, 2012

Movie of the Week – Two for the Road

This week’s movie is Two for the Road (1967).

The romance drama is about a couple Joanna and Mark. Structured to cross-cut between multiple periods of time, the story unveils how they fell in love and out of love, the good moments and bad moments of their marriage while taking trips by car through France. Directed by a great Hollywood filmmaker Stanley Donen (known for the musicals Singing in the Rain and Damn Yankees!), it is one of three collaborations between Donen and star Audrey Hepburn (the other two being Funny Face and Charade; it was also one of her last performances before retiring). Donen works with cinematographer Christopher Challis and art director Willy Holt on the film, but it is composer Henry Mancini’s score that stands out the most (here is a piece). The performances from Hepburn and Albert Finney also both very good, each have to play their characters at different times in their lives convincingly. What makes this romance drama special is its unique narrative structure and both leads’ good work. It is at times very lovely and at other times bleak and heartbreaking. It is worth checking out for fans of Hepburn and romance films. Check out the trailer.

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