Monday, December 17, 2012

Movie of the Week – Eden Lake

Movie of the week: Eden Lake (2008).

Jenny and Steve leave the city for a romantic weekend away, camping next to a water-filled quarry. Enjoying their romantic break, the young couple comes across a group of local youths who begin to stir up trouble, escalating to unimaginable consequences.

Eden Lake is British writer-director James Watkins’s first feature film, and he has since gone on to direct the British ghost thriller The Woman in Black. Watkins takes the classic horror formula (typically found in Cabin in the Woods type movies) and removes all the supernatural and crazy killer elements, rather his film is about normal people who cross lines they can never come back from, which makes it all the more compelling and effecting.

Watkins worked with a great group on the film. Composer David Julyan (known for is great scores in The Prestige and The Cabin in the Woods) gives the film an extra emotional edge with his score. Along with Watkins, cinematographer Christopher Ross and production designer Simon Bowles give the film a very gritty and visceral look and feel.

As scary and thrilling as the action is, this type of film lives or dies with its characters and performances. Kelly Reilly is brilliant in the lead. She brings so much energy and fearlessness to it – the audience feels everything. Michael Fassbender and Jack O’Connell are also good in support.

Eden Lake has the appearance of a throwaway schlocky horror film, a dime a dozen. But, it is one of the best horror-thrillers in recent memory, with fantastic performances and gripping drama. It is a must-see for genre fans.

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