Friday, February 15, 2013

Music Spotlight – Favorite Music of 2012: Part 3

Frank Ocean – Pyramids
Pyramids is off Frank Ocean’s major label debut channel ORANGE (following up his brilliant mixtape nostalgia, ULTRA). The epic modern R&B track produced by Malay has two parts, as it pulls together narratives about the famed Egyptian Queen Cleopatra and a dancer (of the same name) working at a club called the Pyramids, and has a fantastic sound and style. Frank Ocean took over R&B in 2012, thanks to his great album, this song, and Thinkin Bout You. Available for download: here

Grimes – Oblivion
Oblivion is off Grimes’s album Visions. Canadian electronic/synth pop artist Grimes (Claire Boucher) became somewhat of a household name in 2012 (well, households with good taste in music and the internet) with her two hits off Visions: Oblivion and Genesis. Oblivion is poppy, atmospheric, and even dark and creepy, with Boucher’s falsetto vocals. It also happens to have my favorite music video of the year. Available for download: here

Health – Tears
Tears is a song that Health recorded for the Max Payne 3 soundtrack. The Los Angeles noise rock group delivers a great electronic track that is hypnotic with its heavy droning loop-driven beat. Tears works both within the game and as a standalone release. Available for download: here

How to Dress Well – Cold Nites
Cold Nites is off How to Dress Well’s album Total Loss. Experimental pop producer and R&B artist How to Dress Well (Tom Krell) is known for his ethereal and sexy sound, and Cold Nites is no different, but it also has sort of an angry edge to it – stemming from Krell’s lyrics – and a chilling tone as well. The combination is utterly compelling. Available for download: here

Kanye West & Pusha T – New God Flow
New God Flow features Ghostface Killah and is off Kanye West’s group album Cruel Summer. The track, produced by West (and co-produced by Boogz & Tapez and Anthony Kilhoffer), just has a wonderful soul beat build on a gospel sample from the master of soul beats. West and Pusha T have very cocky, but engaging verses and guest Ghostface Killah reminds everyone that he is still one for the best in the game. Available for download: here

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