Monday, March 4, 2013

Movie of the Week – Assassination of a High School President

This week’s movie: Assassination of a High School President (2008).

Bobby Funke is a dorky high school sophomore who wants to be a journalist. He is given a tip regarding stolen SAT exams and runs with it taking down the school’s president in the process. But, as he begins to revisit the case, he sees a deeper conspiracy.

It is director Brett Simon’s only feature film. He worked with composer Daniele Luppi, cinematographer M. David Mullen, and production designer Sharon Lomofsky.

The film has a great young cast with Reece Thompson, Mischa Barton, Melonie Diaz, Luke Grimes, Patrick Taylor, Aaron Himelstein, Vincent Piazza, Zoe Kravitz, Adam Pally, Tanya Fischer, Zach Roerig, Emily Meade, and Gabrielle Brennan. The adult cast is also very good with Josh Pais (who is particularly funny), Kathryn Morris, Michael Rapaport, and Bruce Willis (who is great in it).

As part of my ‘Movie of the Week’ series I want to spotlight interesting and good under-seen films and Assassination of a High School President certainly fits the bill. It is pretty much a straight-to-video ‘B’ release, but is surprisingly good. It plays very similarly to Brick – a hardboiled detective story set in high school – but it is much more a comedy with a lighter tone. Reece Thompson gives a breakthrough type performances (but still has not quite found a place outside indie films), and the rest of the cast creates fun and kooky characters – stereotyped to noir film archetypes. For fans of noir style hardboiled detective stories, this is a fun twist on the genre (though, not quite as good as Brick).

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