Monday, March 31, 2014

Movie of the Week – The Fallen Idol

This week’s movie: The Fallen Idol (1948)

Baines is a butler working in a foreign embassy in London. He is trapped in a marriage with a cruel wife. He has met a new woman and desperately wants out to pursue this new interest. His wife is suspicious, however, and actively seeks out a confrontation with Baines. All the time, the young child (a boy) of the ambassador is witness to all that is going on. When the wife accidently falls to her death, the boy thinks Baines has pushed her down the stairs but also loves Baines too much to help out the police.

The film is directed by one of the great British directors of the 1940s: Carol Reed, who also made Odd Man Out and The Third Man (his best and most famous film). Reed worked with composer William Alwyn and very good cinematographer Georges Perinal on the film.

The film stars Ralph Richardson and co-stars Bobby Henrey. The supporting cast features Michele Morgan, Sonia Dresdel, Jack Hawkins, and Bernard Lee.

The Fallen Idol is a great light thriller/film-noir. It in many ways feels like an Alfred Hitchcock film, but not as melodramatic. Having seen Atonement prior to The Fallen Idol, this film reminds me of the first half of Atonement and the power that a lie can have or that a secret can have in the hands of anyone but especially a young impressionable child. Ralph Richardson is fantastic in the film. This is a must for fans of British cinema from the 1930s-1950s.

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