Monday, January 25, 2010

Movie of the Week - Suspicion

This week’s movie is Suspicion (1941).

The film is about a shy bookish young woman who meets a handsome and outgoing man whom she falls in love with and marries. But something is not right; she begins to suspect that he is planning to murder her. Cary Grant and Joan Fontaine (for which she won an Oscar) star in Alfred Hitchcock’s romantic comedy/thriller, which was nominated for best picture. What makes the film great is the chemistry between Grant and Fontaine and the way they play off each other (and sadly it was their only film in which they play leading characters opposite one and other, they were both in Gunga Din, but Fontaine’s role was quite small). Hitchcock’s directing is also in good form – playful while building tension. Carrying over from Rebecca, he also uses shadows well in the composition of his shots. The film perfectly blends the elements of a rom-com and a thriller, which is a characteristic of many of Hitchcock’s films, but here he is at the top of his game – the viewer will laugh and be on the edge of their seat almost simultaneously. Check out the trailer.

Suspicion [DVD]

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