Monday, February 21, 2011

Movie of the Week - Lawrence of Arabia

This week’s movie is Lawrence of Arabia (1962).

The epic adventure is about T.E. Lawrence, a brilliant, flamboyant and controversial British military figure – taking place during his time in Arabia, WWI. The film is directed by extraordinary British filmmaker (and one of my favorites) David Lean. He had a phenomenal cast and crew on the film with iconic work from composer Maurice Jarre, cinematographer Freddie Young (almost impossible to name a better shot film) and production designer John Box. It stars Peter O’Toole (one of the great actors of all-time in his first major role) who is spellbinding and charismatic, with fantastic supporting performances from Alec Guinness (Ben Kenobi), Anthony Quinn, Omar Sharif, Jack Hawkins, Claude Rains, and Arthur Kennedy. What makes the film great is really every aspect of it – it is stunningly beautiful, features excellently played scenes (really just very strong performances throughout), a classic score, and an unrivaled artistic flare. There is nothing more I need say than: if you are a film fan, you need to see this film. Check out the trailer.

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