Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Curren$y – Weekend at Burnie’s (2011) – Review

Currren$y – Weekend at Burnie’s
Curren$y has been putting out albums like wildfire this year (check out his collaboration with The Alchemist called Covert Coups, it is really good), this being his second of four scheduled. The album, named after the 1989 film, has an old-school hip hop 90s feel to it, both sonically and in Curren$y’s laid back rhymes. Working almost exclusively with producer Monsta Beatz, Curren$y has crafted a good album that works and flows well and sort of sneaks up on you. Upon the first listen, I thought: yeah this is a decent album. But then, the music gets to you and you start grooving with it, which is sort of Curren$y’s thing – he is not flashy, working with big name producers and tons of big name features. He just makes good music with a more laid back style that you can vibe to and enjoy. While Weekend at Burnie’s is not going to change the game or blow anyone away, it is quietly a good album with some great songs. 3/5

Editor’s Song Picks:
1)      She Don’t Want a Man – Produced by Magnedo7
2)      #jetsgo – Produced by Rahki
3)      Still – Featuring Trademark & Young Roddy, produced by Monsta Beatz

Available on CD and Digital Download (MP3)

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