Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lil B – Im Gay (2011) – Review

Lil B The BasedGod – Im Gay (Im Happy)
Lil B, the Bay Area MC, was highly criticized for deciding to name his album I’m Gay, many seeing it has a publicity stunt. But, he means the title to mean I’m Happy. The fantastic song Unchain Me (one of the best hip hop tracks of the year) address the bad publicity. The album has a great sound to it, having an important feel to it both lyrically and sonically with poignant, overwhelming and unique music. Lil B has a positive uplifting message while addressing many controversial topics. On the day of its release, he also made the album available for free to fans via his Twitter (@LilBTheBasedGod) and Facebook. The album has no features outside a remix that ends it, and features mostly lesser known producers. Rather, it shows off Lil B’s talent as an MC, which comes more from his lyrics than rhyming style, and ability to pick beats that fit him. It is definitely an album that is worth checking out. I also really dig the album cover. 3/5

Editor’s Song Picks:
1)      Unchain Me – Produced by Clams Casino
2)      I Hate Myself – Produced by Keyboard Kid
3)      Game – Produced by BigBoyTraks

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