Sunday, August 28, 2011

Movie of the Week – Bon Voyage

This week’s movie is Bon Voyage (2003).

The French comedy thriller is about a number of interconnected characters in France during the early days of the German invasion in 1940, revolving around a famous actress and the man who took the blame for a murder she had committed. Writer-director Jean-Paul Rappeneau made the film to look and especially feel like the types of films made during that time – sort of a screwball comedy but immersed in a time of serious circumstances. In a way, the film could be added to the WWII pantheon of great films about and during the period as it does show aspects of the French government, Nazi spies and the fleeing of Paris to Bordeaux. The film features very good work from composer Gabriel Yared, whose score purposely is overdramatic at times as a reference to films of the period, great cinematographer Thierry Arbogast, who does some of his best work for this film, and production designer Jacques Rouxel, who design work fits the period perfectly. The ensemble cast is wonderful too. Gerard Depardieu and Peter Coyote are good in supporting roles. Isabelle Adjani is great as the famous actress, playing the Golden Age of Cinema starlet to perfection. Yvan Attal is very funny, while Virginie Ledoyen is sweet and beautiful. The star of the film (and it is too bad that I have not seen him in anything else, though he works a lot) is Gregori Derangere. He is funny, charismatic and just right. Bon Voyage is an epic adventure, but with the personal touch of a small play. The comedy is quick witted and the drama and stakes are serious and real. And even with all that is going on and the quick pace to the film, each of the characters is fleshed out and given their moments. Fans (like me) of WWII films should find this interesting, but really this is a great film for fans of screwball comedies. Check out the trailer.

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