Monday, August 15, 2011

Movie of the Week – The Science of Sleep

This week’s movie is The Science of Sleep (2006).

The dramedy is about Stephen, a young man who has a vivid imagination and cannot tell the difference between his dreams and reality. He moves back to Paris after the death of his father and meets a young French woman, who is also his neighbor. He falls for the girl, Stephanie, due to his believing that they are kindred spirits and feels like he can show her his world. It is written and directed by Michel Gondry and thus is very artistic, blending stop-motion animation, paper mache, and other forms of naturalistic effects, which gives the film a very interesting vibe. What I find most alluring is that even though the film is crazy and out there the dream world still feels natural and a part of the narrative and even fits in with the real world of the characters. The score by Jean-Michel Bernard is wonderful and fitting as well, as is the work of cinematographer Jean-Louis Bompoint. But, it is the creativity and amazing aesthetics employed by Gondry and production designers Ann Chakraverty, Pierre Pell, and Stephane Rosenbaum that make this a truly special film. The cast is also fantastic. Gael Garcia Bernal is very energetic and funny and Charlotte Gainsbourg matches him quite well. Alain Chabat, Emma de Caunes, Aurelia Petit, and Sacha Bourdo make up a good supporting group. The performances are so genuine. This is a must see for fans of Gondry’s work, as it is very inventive and fanatic. Check out the trailer.

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