Friday, September 9, 2011

The-Dream – 1977 Mixtape (2011) – Review

The-Dream – 1977
The-Dream, delaying his new album The Love; IV (Diary of A Madman) for a second time due to label trouble, decided to give his fans a mixtape, that he reportedly made in a week or so. While the album is not mixed as well as his studio albums (which is often the case with mixtapes), it is still a typically good sonic outlay from The-Dream. His style of falsetto singing mixed with heavy synthesizers creates a great unique sound. The album is a little uneven (especially the pointless and not very good song featuring his recent signee Casha, Silly), but when it is good (which is for the most part is) it is just as good as The-Dream’s albums (which is amazing considering he made this so quickly). The three features (not counting Silly which is sung solely by Casha) are all good; I particularly like Pharrell’s work. If anything, 1977 shows just how talented The-Dream is – an album he made in a week is better than most of the other R&B albums to come out this year. I have very high expectations for The Love; IV (Diary of A Madman). This is definitely worth downloading for his fans. 3/5

Editor’s Song Picks:
1)      Wake Me When It’s Over – Produced by The-Dream
2)      Ghetto – Featuring Big Sean, produced by The-Dream
3)      Real – Featuring Pharrell, produced by The-Dream

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