Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Movie of the Week – L.A. Confidential

This week’s movie is L.A. Confidential (1997).

The crime drama is about three LA policemen who investigate the shooting of another officer at an all night diner. It takes place in the 1950s and is sort of a noir throwback. The film features a wonderful group of filmmakers and actors. Curtis Hanson directs (one of his best films; I also like In Her Shoes and Wonder Boys), Jerry Goldsmith provides a great score, Dante Spinotti’s cinematography is always at its best when he is shooting crime films, and the design work by Jeanine Oppewall is also very good. All in all, this is a very well made film. Kevin Spacey, Russell Crowe and Guy Pierce are fantastic in the leading parts, while James Cromwell, Kim Basinger (who won an Oscar), Danny DeVito, and David Strathairn are good in support. L.A. Confidential was nominated for Best Picture at the 1998 Academy Awards and is one of the best films of the decade. Hanson is able to create a narrative that mixes both elements of hardboiled detective films and good action set pieces with great character work. It is a must see of fans of crime dramas and film noir. Check out the trailer.

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