Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Brother Ali – The Bite Marked Heart EP (2012) – Review

Brother Ali – The Bite Marked Heart
As a preview to his upcoming album Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color, the Minneapolis MC Brother Ali released this EP featuring Valentine’s Day themed tracks. Musically, the album is good, as Brother Ali works well with producers Ant (who produced his entire last album Us) and Jake One. Brother Ali lyrically is on his game, and his flow is fantastic. His words have power and real meaning (not all flash and boast). This is a good EP, and probably a must for fans of Brother Ali and the more ‘real’ hip hop sound, but it is not going to convert any new listeners. It works best as a preview to wet our appetites for his highly anticipated new album (especially after how good Us was). 3/5

Editor’s Essential Tracks:
1)      I Can’t Wait – Produced by Jake One
2)      Haunted Housebroken – Produced by Jake One, featuring Aby Wolf
3)      Shine On – Produced by Jake One, featuring Nikki Jean

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