Monday, November 26, 2012

Movie of the Week – All About Eve

This week’s movie: All About Eve (1950).

The film is about a young actress, Eve, who befriends an established but aging star of the stage (Margo) and her theatre friends. Manipulating those around her, Eve inserts herself in Margo’s place as the lead in the next big production.

Four time Oscar winner (including two for this film), writer-director Joseph L. Mankiewicz does a fantastic job with his characters. At first Eve appears innocent and Margo the villain, but as the film progresses the tables are turned is an utterly compelling fashion. While All About Eve is Mankiewicz’s greatest film, his work on The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, A Letter to Three Wives, 5 Fingers, and Sleuth is top-notch as well.

Mankiewicz worked with composer Alfred Newman, cinematographer Milton Krasner, art directors George W. Davis and Lyle Wheeler, and legendary costume designer Edith Head (who also won an Oscar for this) on the film.

The cast is also fantastic. Bette Davis and Anne Baxter are both brilliant in the leads, while George Sanders (who won an Oscar), Celeste Holm, Gary Merrill, Hugh Marlowe, Gregory Ratoff, and Marilyn Monroe are all great in support.

All in all, All About Eve won six Oscars, including Best Picture. It is one of the best character dramas in film history and a must-see for fans of classic films and wonderful leading performances.

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