Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Weeknd – Trilogy (2012) – Review

Review: Canadian artist The Weeknd (singer/producer Abel Tesfaye) exploded onto the R&B/pop scene in 2011 releasing three brilliant mixtapes: House of Balloons (probably the best album of 2011), Thursday and Echoes of Silence. Trilogy represents all three tapes plus three new bonus tracks combined and remastered.

If you followed music in 2011 (and are a fan of pop and/or R&B), you probably have already downloaded the three mixtapes for free from The Weeknd’s website (though, now they are no longer available there), or at least you should have. If you have, then Trilogy might not be necessary aside from the three bonus tracks, which are all good. The remasted mixtapes sound great, but are slightly different in some places as unlicensed samples (like Aaliyah’s Rock the Boat) have been dropped.

However, if you do not have The Weeknd’s three mixtapes then Trilogy is an absolute must-have. Meant as a trilogy, the three tapes make up a story about a somewhat tragic lifestyle of partying and then self-loathing in the wake of coming down. Trilogy’s complete three hours takes the listener on an emotionally taxing sonic journey, ripe with numb sadness, adulation, debauchery, and emotional release.

Musically, Trilogy is incredible. The Weeknd primarily works with Canadian producers Doc McKinney and Illangelo crafting a dense sonic experience. Drake and Juicy J (somewhat randomly) are the only featured artists.

The Weeknd (building off The-Dream’s sound a bit) was the breakthrough artist of 2011 (and probably the best artist of 2011 too). Trilogy is a brilliant work of art. 5/5

Essential Tracks:
1)      Twenty Eight – Produced by Doc McKinney & Illangelo
2)      Valerie – Produced by Doc McKinney & Illangelo
3)      Till Dawn (Here Comes the Sun) – Produced by Doc McKinney & Illangelo

Available on: CD and Digital Download

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