Thursday, June 20, 2013

Deafheaven – Sunbather (2013) – Review

Review: Deafheaven has taken a momentous step forward with their second album Sunbather. It is massive is its sonic scope, blending the rawness of black metal with the beauty that can be achieved with post-rock tonal guitars.

The album is unlike anything in metal, daring to be radiant yet tortured. Split into four epic tracks with three more experimental ambiance pieces separating them, it is a journey that asks the listener to accompany the band into the pits of doubt and despair and then back up into the warmth of the sun (and then back down and back up again and again). The songs feature scathing black metal stylized vocals, intricately melodic guitars, and powerfully cascading drums. From my own metal collection, Sunbather reminds me of the beauty and anguish of Dawn’s Slaughtersun (though not as intense) with the tonal depression (in moments) of Daylight Dies’s Dismantling Devotion.

Deafheaven’s album is transformative, an aesthetically masterful piece that will influence the future of black metal. It is not just a record for metal fans; it is a must for fans of music, as this is surely one of 2013’s great works. 5/5

Essential Tracks:
1)      Vertigo
2)      The Pecan Tree
3)      Sunbather

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