Monday, August 5, 2013

Movie of the Week – Diabolique

This week’s movie: Diabolique (1955).

Christina Delassalle is married to Michel, the headmaster of a school for boys that she also works at. He does not treat her well, and on top of that is having an affair with another teacher Nicole Horner. He does not treat Nicole well either. Christina and Nicole join forces to plot Michel’s murder – to make it look like a suicide. The problem is, when they carryout the murder, his body mysteriously vanishes. Strange events start to plague the two women in the wake.

Diabolique is one of French auteur Henri-Georges Clouzot’s finest films (and personally my second favorite of his work, after The Wages of Fear).  Clouzot worked with composer Georges Van Parys, cinematographer Armand Thirard, and art director Leon Barsacq on the film.

Diabolique is one of the great horror mystery films in cinema history. Clouzot does a fantastic job building tension while engaging in great plot twists. This is a must-see for fans of classic style horror films.

Trailer: Here

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