Thursday, August 8, 2013

TV Series of the Month – Kings

This month’s television series: Kings (2009).

Based on the biblical story of King David, this series is a modern day (alternate-universe) story focusing on a soldier David Shepherd, who after a heroic act on the battlefield is taken in by King Silas Benjamin as a symbol of hope. However, when it seems like the people love David more, King Silas fueled by petty jealousy lashes out at David. Can David bring peace to the kingdom ruled by the tyrannical king?

Kings was created by writer Michael Green. He also worked on Smallville, Everwood, and Heroes before getting his own series.  After the end of Kings, Green wrote the film Green Lantern and is currently working on the film adaptation of The Flash. The series features strong directing from Francis Lawrence as well.

The series has a fantastic cast. Ian McShane and Christopher Egan star as King Silas and David, respectively. Susanna Thompson, Allison Miller, Eamonn Walker (who is brilliant in the series), Sebastian Stan, Dylan Baker, Wes Studi, Macaulay Culkin, Leslie Bibb, and Brian Cox feature in supporting roles.

Kings succeeds on its wonderful performances (lead by the powerful and dynamic Ian McShane, doing work equally good to his on Deadwood) and great writing (the show has a very interesting religious aspect to it as well – similar to that of ancient Rome). It is very unfortunate that NBC decide to ax the show at the end of its first season leaving it without a proper ending. As is, it still works on a narrative level, as season one is for the most part self-contained, and is well worth checking out (there was not a better new drama in 2009).

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