Monday, August 11, 2014

Movie of the Week – The Passion of Joan of Arc

This week’s movie: The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928)

After the extraordinary things that Jeanne d’Arc achieved, she was put on trial for heresy and burnt at the stake by her ecclesiastical jurists.

The film is by Danish auteur Carl Theodor Dreyer, who is also responsible for the brilliant films Vampyr and Ordet. He worked with excellent cinematographer Rudolph Mate on the film.

It stars Maria Falconetti who gives maybe cinema’s greatest performance.

With The Passion of Joan of Arc, Carl Theodor Dreyer rewrote the language of cinema. The power of the close-up has never been more evident and profound. This is an incredible moving and effecting film. I have it ranked in the top twenty of my (attempt at being as objective as possible) top one hundred films of the twentieth century. It is a truly phenomenal piece of art that is well worth experiencing. It is among the very best silent cinema has to offer.

Trailer: Here
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