Wednesday, August 6, 2014

TV Series of the Month – Luther

This month’s TV Series: Luther (2010-2013)

The crime drama series follows DCI John Luther, a brilliant yet troubled investigator. Though his private life is rocky and his temperament is a bit unpredictable, he is the man for the toughest cases. Will he be able to keep things together or will he wind up behind bars himself? On his first case back from psychological leave, he meets the mysterious sociopath Alice Morgan. She seems to have clearly murdered her parents but Luther cannot seem to prove it. The two seem to find an odd fascination in each other.

The series is created by Neil Cross (who wrote the entire series). He also worked on MI-5 previously.

Luther is among the best recent detective series, second only to Sherlock. Idris Elba and Ruth Wilson have created two of the most compelling and dynamic character with Luther and Alice, respectively. Their relationship is electric. The series does everything well: character development and performance, writing, style and tone, and the cases are all themselves interesting and thrilling. This is a must-see series for fans of detective shows. The show features three seasons.

Trailer: Here
Available on: DVD and Video On-Demand

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