Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Music Spotlight – Favorite Music of 2013: Part 1

Beyonce – Drunk in Love
Drunk in Love is off Beyonce’s surprise album BEYONCE (which she dropped in December without anyone knowing about it ahead of time – quite an accomplishment).  The track is produced by Detail and Beyonce herself and features Jay-Z. It is one of the standout songs off her new album, as it captures a good balance between Beyonce’s powerful vocals and a fresh, energetic modern R&B/pop track. And, Beyonce is fantastic on the hook. Available for download: here

Big Eyes – Being Unkind
Being Unkind is off Big Eyes’s album Almost Famous. It is a fun and infectious pop-rock song. It has a very upbeat driving force with sort of a 1980s punk sound. Though coming out in May, it has remained a mainstay on my iPhone playlist ever since. Available for download: here

Bleached – Next Stop
Next Stop is off Bleached’s album Ride Your Heart. Like the song above, it is a very fun pop-rock track that too feels influenced by the 1980s punk sound. It is very simple in its construction, but also very catchy. Once heard, it is almost impossible to not continually revisit it. Available for download: here

Lies is off CHVRCHES’s debut album The Bones of What You Believe (my favorite album of 2013 along with Kanye West’s Yeezus). The electronic synthpop track is so very catchy and powerful. Singer Lauren Mayberry’s voice is sweet, yet enchanting. Everything about the song works. CHVRCHES is my favorite new band of the year, and this is my favorite of their songs so far. Available for download: here

Deafheaven – The Pecan Tree
The Pecan Tree ends Deafheaven’s excellent sophomore album Sunbather. The song, like the album, is brutal exhibiting the raw power of black metal yet beautifully fragile with exquisite composition. It is a metal album with the ability to woo non-metal fans to the darkside. Available for download: here

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