Thursday, January 30, 2014

TV Series of the Month – Skins (Second Generation)

This month’s TV series: Skins – Second Generation (2009-2010).

The second generation of Skins begins in Series 3 of the show (and continues through Series 4). The show details the lives of nine high school students as the make their way into adulthood – be it preparing for college or facing life after school in the ‘real’ world. The show deals with love, happiness, depression, friendship, betrayal, and just about everything young people deal with (all set to a great soundtrack).

The series is created by Jamie Brittain and Bryan Elsley.

The second generation stars Kaya Scodelario (who is also in a few episodes of the first generation seasons, as she plays Tony’s younger sister Effy), Luke Pasqualino, Jack O’Connell, Ollie Barbieri, Kathryn Prescott, Megan Prescott, Lisa Backwell, Lily Loveless, and Merveille Lukeba. Giles Thomas, Klariza Clayton, John Bishop, and Chris Addison feature in support.

Overall, the second generation does not have the same star power as the first generation, and their stories do not seem to quite connect as strongly – but, all that said, the second generation still provides very entertaining and emotionally compelling material and stories. Kaya Scodelario in particular is fantastic in the show (as are Jack O’Connell and Lily Loveless, even if their characters can be annoying at times). While this generation is not as vital as the first, it is still must-see television for fans of teen dramas as again with these new characters Skins is top notch.

Trailer: Here
Available on: Series 3 DVD and Series 4 DVD

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