Friday, January 10, 2014

Music Spotlight – Favorite Music of 2013: Part 3

Justin Timberlake – Mirrors
Mirros is off of Justin Timberlake’s massive double album The 20/20 Experience (it is on part 1). The track is produced by Timberlake, Timbaland, and J-Roc. The 20/20 Experience is mostly overly bloated and self-indulgent, but there are some fantastic moments and songs too. Mirrors is probably the best track on the album. It feels like classic JT while still exploring his new stylistic genre mixing (though, all with a pop sensibility). Available for download: here

Kanye West – I’m In It
I’m In It is off of Kanye West’s brilliant new album Yeezus, and is produced by West. Yeezus is 2013’s most ambitious and artistically exciting album, boasting many great tracks (like: Black Skinheads, New Slaves, Blood on the Leaves, Send It Up, and Bound 2). I just like I’m In It the most. It has the same dark, angry feel as the album, but more so than any other song it has a hypnotic aspect to it as well juxtaposed to a very aggressive energy. It is a compelling listen aesthetically. Available for download: here

Kilo Kish – Creepwave
Creepwave is off Kilo Kish’s mixtape K+. The song features the Flatbush ZOMBIES and is produced by Cronos. It is a very creepy track (fitting to its name) capitalizing on a great an eerie sound. The whole thing feels like something lurking in the shadows, yet it has a way about it, pulling the listener in. Kish sings as if in a trance, but also with urgency in her voice as if in a muted panic. It is an interesting song. Available for download: here

Kurt Vile – Wakin On A Pretty Day
Wakin On A Pretty Day is off of Kurt Vile’s fifth album Wakin On A Pretty Daze (his most commercially accessible to date). The song is produced by Kurt Vile & the Violators and John Agnello. It has a fantastic lo-fi sound, seemingly working best as a song to put on to chill out. Vile’s a strong songwriter, as his simple guitar strums carry the song perfectly for over nine minutes – the track never feeling too long or overextended. There might not be a better soft rock song released in 2013. Available for download: here

Lady Lamb the Beekeeper – Bird Balloons
Bird Balloons is off Lady Lamb the Beekeeper’s first studio album Ripely Pine. Lady Lamb the Beekeeper is folk and indie rock artist who dabbles in lots of instruments and sounds. Bird Balloons has an edge to it, as Aly Spaltro’s guitar and vocals rage with a palpable raw energy (something not often found in folk music – simply, the song rocks). Musically, it is ambitious and feels a bit like a carnival ride. Available for download: here

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