Monday, December 16, 2013

Movie of the Week – Read My Lips

This week’s movie: Read My Lips (2001).

Carla is an almost deaf office employee who is very good at lip-reading. She is lonely. One day, she is charged with hiring a new worker. She meets Paul, an ex-convict, and finds him strangely compelling. She hires him and the two become friends, but their relationship develops into something more. Suddenly, Carla finds herself working with Paul on a new criminal enterprise.

Read My Lips is the breakthrough film for French auteur Jacques Audiard, who also wrote and directed the fantastic films The Beat That My Heart Skipped, A Prophet, and Rust and Bone. He works with his frequent collaborators composer Alexandre Desplat and production designer Michel Barthelemy, while Mathieu Vadepied serves as the film’s director of photography.

The film stars Emmanuelle Devos and Vincent Cassel.

Read My Lips is a great thriller that also works as a twisted romantic tale. It is a starting point for those looking to check out one of France’s best filmmakers, as it showcases Audiard’s skill for matching performance with aesthetic visual style. His films have a great realism, dramatic emotion, and panache.

Trailer: Here
Available on: DVD and Video On-Demand

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