Friday, December 13, 2013

TV Series of the Month – Curb Your Enthusiasm

This month’s TV series: Curb Your Enthusiasm (2000-2011).

The comedy series from HBO delves into the (fictional) life of television writer Larry David – his family life and career. However, most of his encounters quickly deviate into arguments about some opinion that Larry has, usually playing out for comedic effect.

The series is created by Larry David, who also co-created Seinfeld (and I would argue that this show is even better and funnier).

What is great about Curb Your Enthusiasm is that the entire series is unscripted (dialog wise). The actors use improvisation to create every scene and comedic bit, often resulting in very funny lines and material. The show is at its best when David finds himself in awkward situations, which is most of the time, as he is the master of mining the awkwardness for every bit of comedy. It is fantastic. This is a must-see for Seinfeld fans and those who like the work of Ricky Gervais, as David is certainly one of his big influences.

Trailer: Here
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