Friday, May 13, 2011

Mac Miller – On And On And Beyond EP (2011) – Review

Mac Miller – On And On And Beyond
Among the artists named to XXL’s 2011 Freshman List, Mac Miller’s sound fits into the backpacker hip hop sub-genre. His flow is laid back and chill, but he does not have the vocal charisma of other artists in the genre like Kid Cudi, which leaves him sounding a little bland. His lyrics are mostly positive. He is talking about his life and not attacking others in the game. His message is directed at a younger audience (and that demographic makes up a high percentage of his fans, and he himself is only 19). Musically, he raps over old-school beats mixed with sort of a Gym Class Heroes sound. The Pittsburg MC has the skills (both lyrically and in his flow) to be among the better rappers coming up, and certainly many regard him as such – but On And On And Beyond is too much of a sit back and zone out album (i.e. background music) to be truly great. It does not engage its listener. However, Mac Miller is someone to watch. 2/5

Editor’s Song Picks:
1)      Live Free – Produced by Jay Fish
2)      Another Night – Produced by Matt Grover
3)      Life Ain’t Easy – Produced by ID Labs

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