Saturday, May 28, 2011

TV Series of the Month - The Shield

This month’s TV series is The Shield (2002-2008).

The series centers on an inner-city LA police precinct. Not all the cops are above board, with series star gang task-force head detective Vince Mackey not being afraid to skim and break the law to get what he wants. Mackey has a constant inner-turmoil between his desire to keep the streets safe and his self-interest and preservation, which leads to some dark places. The show also does an amazing job of developing the other characters in the precinct. The show was created by Shawn Ryan, who is one of the best TV writers (his two recent shows were both good, but never found an audience, at least a big enough one: Terriers and The Chicago Code, and he was the show runner for season two of Lie to Me and season two of Angel; he also worked on The Unit).  The cast on the show is incredible. Michael Chiklis’s Vic Mackey is just a deep and compelling character (he is a hero and villain at the same time, and we are all behind him regardless of the awful things he does).  The whole cast is great, but Catherine Dent, Michael Jace, Walton Goggins, and Jay Karnes are particularly good. The series also features so many great guests, including: Anthony Anderson, Glenn Close, Forest Whitaker, and Michael Pena. This is an intense show with lush stories and tragic characters spanning seven seasons. It is utterly compelling and will have you craving for more after every episode. Plus, how many shows can have their main character kill another cop (a good guy) and team member in the pilot and still be the hero of the show. This is a must see, because TV really does not get much better. Check out the trailer.

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