Friday, May 13, 2011

XV – Zero Heroes Mixtape (2011) – Review

XV – Zero Heroes
XV’s last mixtape Vizzy Zone was a solid entry, but the Kanas MC’s latest Zero Heroes has some great material on it. XV exhibits a wonderful talent for lyrics that appeal to those immersed in pop-culture (at least the geekier side of it) with sharp and playful references to comics, movies, music and so on. XV also continues to have a very fruitful working collaborative relationship with producer Seven – their work continues to produce the strongest songs on his albums and continues to be true with this one, even with better known producers like Just Blaze and Swiff D contributing beats. When XV does drop his first studio album, hopefully Seven will have some great material for him as they work so well together. XV has a number of good features on the mixtape with Pusha T and CyHi Da Prynce standing out (and guest producer J.Cole on the song Smallville, too bad he did not lay down a verse too), but XV is certainly the main attraction and voice of the album. Having listened to a few XV mixtapes now, I can say I am very excited to hear what he has in store for his fans on his upcoming studio album, as Zero Heroes is better than most studio albums I have heard this year. 3/5

Editor’s Song Picks:
1)      Textbook Stuff – Featuring Kendrick Lamar and produced by Seven
2)      U.F.C. – Featuring Kristina Rose and produced by Seven
3)      Awesome – Featuring Pusha T and produced by Seven

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