Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tyler, The Creator – Goblin (2011) – Review

Tyler, The Creator – Goblin
The album from the L.A. MC is raw, personal and infectious. Tyler, The Creator has no intention of making an album (or music in general) that appeals to the mainstream, seemingly to go out of his way on Goblin to alienate any crossover listeners that heard Yonkers after Kanye West tweeted that it was the video of 2011. This is for his fans (and himself and Odd Future crew only). Many will be put off, even horrified by the language and lyrical content of the album (but really it is no worse than stuff Eminem has done). But getting past the face value of the lyrics, there is a deeper resonance that connects with many listeners. Tyler is not rapping about money, woman and cars – he is delving into his own personal feelings, fears and wants making the album very intimate (and endearing to his fans). The production on the album is also very interesting. It does not sound anything like current hip hop, rather taking maybe some influence from The Neptunes and The Cool Kids and creating very atmospheric, dark and hypnotic tracks. At times, it sounds a bit like an electronic soundtrack to a horror film. They fit Tyler’s flow and lyrics very well (as they should, being that he did all but one of the beats). The album is long and a little uneven, but works very well in its overall listening experience. The good stuff is amazing (tracks Goblin, Yonkers, Transylvania, Nightmare, Tron Cat, Her, Sandwitches, and Golden are all musts). If his first album Bastard did not already establish Tyler, The Creator as one of the best young hip hop artists, Goblin certainly does. It is a great album. 4/5

Editor’s Song Picks:
1)      Tron Cat – Produced by Tyler, The Creator
2)      Yonkers – Produced by Tyler, The Creator
3)      Transylvania – Produced by Left Brain

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